Membership in ARSC

ARSC membership entitles a member to receive copies of the ARSC library of courses, the authority to deliver ARSC courses, and the authority to qualify under the ARSC Common Guidelines for reciprocity of those courses by other members. Our two flagship courses, the Basic Orientation Plus® and the Basic Orientation Plus - Refresher hold registered trademarks that can only be used in conjunction with the programs owned and distributed by ARSC. These programs are nationally recognized throughout the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. 

We welcome your questions and interest in becoming a member of the Association and look forward to assisting you. In order to become a member of ARSC, you must: 

  1. Be structured as a non-profit safety training organization and be designated as a 501(c) 3 organization under IRS guidelines. A letter of determination from IRS should be submitted with your membership application.
  2. Obtain letters of support from a minimum of three owners (for example, Holly Frontier, Chevron, Exxon, Valero, etc.) in your area to support your petition for membership. These letters of support should be submitted with your membership application. 
  3. Submit your membership application and supporting documentation to ARSC. A $1,000.00 non-refundable membership application fee is due with your application. This $1,000.00 membership application fee will be applied to your $10,000.00 initial membership fee assessed by ARSC if your application for membership is approved by the ARSC Board of Directors. The balance of the membership fee must be paid within thirty (30) days of the approved application.
  4. Receive confirmation that all necessary documentation has been received by the ARSC Membership Committee who reviews all membership applications. They may contact you for more information as needed. If the membership committee determines that all criteria for the application process have been met, an administrative visit will be scheduled to your location. 
  5. Schedule the administrative visit with the ARSC Administrator to visit your facility and discuss ARSC Rules, Policies and Procedures. Your organization will be billed for related travel costs. 
  6. Obtain support from a minimum of two ARSC Board of Directors who are members in good standing. These two Board members will bring your application for membership to the ARSC Board of Directors for a vote. The Board will vote on your application pending a motion and a second by the Board. 

If your membership application is approved, the ARSC programs will be distributed to you upon receipt of full payment of your initial membership fees and a formal audit will be conducted within the first year at each of your organization’s locations that utilize ARSC programs. A third-party auditor has been contracted to complete the formal audit for ARSC. The complete cost of the audit is the responsibility of the ARSC member undergoing the audit. All members are audited on a two (2) year cycle.

For each year thereafter, annual dues and reciprocal training unit fees will be assessed as determined by the ARSC Board of Directors.

Membership Application