Mission Statement

The success of ARSC is determined by safety training organization's committed to the sharing of resources, expertise and best practices. The results are shared cost with Association members who maintain and utilize current, state of the art training programs for a fraction of the development cost, while ensuring program integrity by reciprocal members via audits and program reviews.

This in mind, the mission statement adopted by the ARSC Board of Directors reads as follows:

ARSC’s mission is to provide to ARSC members world-class safety education, risk management services and resources that are consistent, cost-effective, reciprocal and that conform to regulatory standards and industry accepted practices that will result in a safer world. 
(Adopted by the ARSC Board of Directors on 2/21/17)

ARSC is committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of operation. This includes upgrades to our curriculum, audit process, test procedures including validation, and security measures.